NVCA has long held concerns about Nambucca Shire Council’s (NSC) over-reliance on chemicals, namely glyphosate products, for roadside vegetation management, especially in close proximity to watercourses and drainage lines (see image above).  We have made our concerns clear to Councillors and staff and are willing to work with Council to improve the health of roadside environments, reduce pollution impacts to the Nambucca River system and reduce risks to public health from exposure to harmful chemicals.

We currently have representatives on the Nambucca Shire Council (NSC) Nambucca River, Creeks Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee and Clean Energy Advisory Committee.

NVCA’s interactions with Council and on Council’s committees are strongly focused on maximising environmental outcomes and ensuring openness and transparency of process.

Since 1988 three NVCA members have been elected to Nambucca Shire Council.  Lyn Orrego and Paula Flack are both retired councillors and Anne Smyth is currently a sitting councillor.  Collectively these three members have provided strong environmental input into local government in the Nambucca Valley and beyond for over 21 years and have kept NVCA members informed on and engaged in relevant local government matters.

Annually, NVCA focuses on NSC’s Environmental Levy (EL) Program which raises a sizable annual budget from a levy on ratepayers.   We provide comments on proposed spending and suggest environmentally appropriate projects.  Our members have objected to a number of past and ongoing EL projects which do not benefit the environment eg the heritage building program, and which we believe are a misuse of this targeted funding program which was established many years ago to improve and protect the natural environment through planning and on ground project delivery.

NVCA’s main areas of interest relating to local government include: climate change, land clearing and inappropriate development, threatened species, river health, waste management, water management and roadside vegetation management.