Koalas desperately need your help – email the NSW Premier today!

Koala habitat loss is continuing across NSW. Koala numbers have dropped by a third over 20 years. That was before the 2019/20 bushfires, which burnt 5.37 million hectares of land across NSW, killing a third of remaining koalas – an estimated 10,000.

A NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Koala Populations and Habitat in NSW June 2020 found that without urgent government intervention to protect habitat and address all other threats, the koala will become extinct in New South Wales before 2050.

Despite these alarming statistics the state government owned NSW Forestry Corporation continues its intensive logging and clearfelling of our public native forests, including areas that are critical refuges for surviving koalas.

The NSW Government is allowing this despite having mapped koala habitat on public land. It has the power to protect Koala habitat, but so far has caved in to pressure from the powerful timber industry lobbyists who push for continued ‘business as usual’ logging which destroys vital koala habitat.

It’s time to call them out and demand a stop to this madness! Please send an email to the NSW Premier, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Planning.  We encourage you to add some of your own words to the letter to make it more powerful, but please do so respectfully.

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